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🗣️ Overview:

Mallkustudio began as a personal project, a laboratory where I sought creative freedom by using makeup to express the various moods of the different women who collaborated on photo shoots, all of whom were real, authentic women.

Even during and after the pandemic, makeup has risen to the top of the beauty rankings.
Despite the economic downturn, the category has grown exponentially in the last three years due to the use of social media.


2018 - 2019

18 // 19

Spring Summer Trends

Editorial Makeup

Empowered Women

SS 2018 - 2019

We had real women driven by the transformative effect of make-up eager to have their photos taken to demonstrate the transformative effect of make-up.

AD // MUA: Maru Jordán.

PH: Miguel Sánchez P.

M: Romina.

Retouch: Christian Moran.


MallkuStudio. 2018 -2019. Makeup Inspiration.



This photo shoot was done as a tribute to the #Pride2019 march.

Many of my closest friends and family members are members of the #LGBTQIQ community.

Society is finally changing for the better, albeit slowly.

AD // MUA: Maru Jordán

PH: Miguel Sánchez P.

M: Claudie & Sofi

Retouch: Christian Moran

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