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🗣️ Overview:

As an art director, I oversaw design teams for companies such as Saga Falabella, Sodimac, Tottus, and Inkafarma, among others.

The challenge in each communication project was to reflect the values of the brands while meeting each brand's sales objectives.

Art direction for catalogues.

Retail Brands.

2002 - 2018

SagaFalabella  Art Direction Strategy 

I was responsible for the art direction, concept creation, and catalog design for the summer 2008 launch campaign.

Art direction includes the supervision of external teams to the agency as well as the direction of the graphic design team.

Client: Circus - Leo Burnett / Saga
Creative Concept: Maru Jordán 

AD: Maru Jordán


Art Direction

I oversaw the catalog's design team.

For two years, I was in charge of the catalog's aesthetic proposal and identity.

Client: Sodimac

AD: Maru Jordán and the designer's team created the creative concepts.

Years: 2006 - 2008

Inkafarma Art Direction Strategy 

Created the art direction strategy and applied it to the 2018 Regreso a Clases campaign catalog.

Client: Fahrenheit Agency / InkaFarma
Creative Concept: Maru Jordán 

AD: Maru Jordán

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